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About Ariela Abrahamson

I am a clay artist and ceramicist, creating decorative objects and works of art.  As a five-year-old child I encountered – and fell in love with – the world of ceramics and clay while visiting a potter’s studio for the first time.  Years later I remembered this initial love and turned it into my own source of activity and of creativity.  Ever since, clay has become a part of my life.

My art is characterized by a particular style derived from pottery, one of the traditional techniques for work in clay.  However, in contrast to traditional ceramicists, the potter’s wheel only serves as the basis for my work.  After creating the desired form, I take the resulting object in its entirety and manipulate it manually; in so doing I disregard the object’s significance and turn it into something new, something of my own.

Having revealed the clay’s potential, I allow it to find expression in the objects I create, while relying on the fact that, in contrast to other creative materials, clay hardly undergoes any processing, so that it is possible to duplicate almost any shape or material.  At the same time, I am fascinated by combining clay with other materials such as iron and copper, and their effect on one another during the process of creativity and their firing in the kiln.

My work is nurtured not only by an ongoing creative dialogue with my clients, with local and international ceramic artists and with artists from other fields such as photography, plastic arts, paper, jewelry, textile, video.  But two of my greatest loves – music and dance, arts that are influenced by the space in which they exist – also find expression in my work, mainly in the large constructions in which I have created clay spaces based on traditional pottery and coiling.  These spaces permitted me and other onlookers to move within them virtually and to be inspired by them.  Because I see my art as activism that calls for social and cultural change, I am also influenced by my environment and by the behavior of human beings in the world of which I too am a part, the world that provides me with the clay with which I create.   


1993-1997 - “Bezalel” Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel, BFA – Dept. of Ceramic Design

1995-1996  - Student exchange, University of Westminster, UK, Dept. of Ceramic Design

1998-2005 - Active ceramic studio, Haifa, Israel – teaching and creating

2001-2004 - “Rimon” School of Music, Ramat Hasharon, Israel: vocal section

2005 - today - Active ceramic studio, Jaffa, Israel – teaching and creating

2017 - today - Artist house Rehovot - teaching


Solo exhibition:

1998 – “Life Space”, “Yad Bakhomer” Gallery, Haifa, Israel


Group exhibitions:

1998 – “Ways in Clay” – 5 Decades of Ceramic Art in Israel, Aharon Kahana Museum,   Ramat-Gan, Israel

1998 – "Volume and circles" - Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel

2000 – “Kheres 2000” – 1st Israeli Biennale of Ceramic Art, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel               

2015 – “Quest” – Annual Ceramic Association of Israel Exhibition, Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 – “Wet/Burnt” – 8th Israeli Biennale of Ceramic Art, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017 - "Israel against live shipments - The exhibition", Florentin quartet, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018 - "Transitional Object" - Exhibition of the Israel Designer Craftmen's Association, BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

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