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"Time of Change #3", BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2018

Video. Length: 03:45 min.

"It's up to us", Eretz Israel museum, Tel-Aviv 2016

100X100x100 cm  Wheel thrown, altered and joined. Fired earthenware + metal.

"I create an entire body and give it life, fullness and flow. The traces of my fingers have passed over its body. I cut, dissect, tear, open, and empty it of meaning. I use it for my own needs. Arrogant and ungrateful humanity corrupts, slaughters, and imprisons other living creatures. It sanctifies death and annihilation. We imprisoned our selves and left burnt shards, findings, and testimonies of a howling life."


"Object", Beit Benyamini Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2015

120X100X60 cm  Stoneware, Coiled and hand built, gas fired, reduced.

 "Object” was born as a concept for a group exhibition of ceramicists, photographers and video artists, which was held in Bet Binyamini, Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, and opened on 19.11.15. My idea is to bring the subject of animal rights to the gallery and to invite spectators to expose themselves to this subject through art. “Object” speaks of the objectification of animals today and from earlier periods of time.

Studio Items, Jaffa 2007-8

"Decaying Jaffa", 2005

28X18 cm  Earthenware, copper wire and sheet, Oxidation

"Baucis", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv 2000

140X105X42 cm   Stoneware, oxides, sand,wood,metal.

(After Italo Calvino/ "Invisible cities") High fired Clay, sand, wood, metal

"Backpack", 1999

60X40 cm  Copper wire

"Life space" (Installation), Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem 1997

"Stone circle" (Performance) ,University of Westminster, London 1995

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