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Presented at the Eighth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics


"IT'S UP TO US" 2016

August 03, 2016

Wheel thrown, altered and joined. 

Fired earthenware + metal. 100X100x100 cm

"I create an entire body and give it life, fullness and flow. The traces of my fingers have passed over its body.

I cut, dissect, tear, open, and empty it of meaning. I use it for my own needs.

Arrogant and ungrateful humanity corrupts, slaughters, and imprisons other living creatures. It sanctifies death and annihilation. 

We imprisoned our selves and left burnt shards, findings, and testimonies of a howling life."

"OBJECT" 2015

"Object” - Coiled and hand-built High fired, reduced

120X100X60 cm

was born as a concept for a group exhibition of ceramicists, photographers and video artists, that was held in Bet Binyamini, Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, opening on 19.11.15.

My idea is to bring the subject of animal rights to the gallery and to invite spectators to expose themselves to this subject through art. “Object” speaks of the objectification of animals today and from earlier periods of time

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"I was fortunate enough to see Ariela Abrahamson’s work “Object”, at “Quest”, the annual exhibition of the Ceramic Association of Israel at Beit Binyamini.  An impressive achievement in every sense.

In addition to the astonishment awoken by the work because of its size and the high level of craftsmanship shown in its implementation, it is both moving and thought-provoking.

Ariela succeeds in demonstrating deep humanity and tenderness by means of her work with clay.  The full control of her artist’s hand is most evident.

The fact that she chooses to express themes of an activist nature that are close to her heart and yet to preserve a high level of artistic quality, makes for an important and significant merging of both fields.  Social and artistic."


Renana Raz

Multi-faceted Creative Artist

"The face of  “object” looking upwards, as if searching for something – perhaps for that same proud, strong bull, the model of the ancient  mediterranean statuette after which it was created – represents for me what is heart-rending in Ariela’s work: by means of the irreparable schism between the ancient, eternal force, radiated by ”object’s”  body, and its helplessness as indicated by the open jaws with their inarticulate cry and its blind eyes, Ariela has succeeded in creating, at one and the same time, a unique individual as well as a symbol of something broader – the great tragedy of the animals."

Orna Rinat,

Jurnalist, "Ha'aretz"

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